(Not) a Night at the Museum

On Saturday  30th March 2019 i'm going to be speaking  as part of Trans Pride Leeds  @ Leeds City Museum.

Nicola Jayne's Dangerous Agenda - Nicola Jayne (she/her)

Nicola Jayne is A Lady That Dances ( not ‘The Lady That Dances ‘ although she is a local lass as well and we have both been seen In the same studio at the same time ), well she is when she doesn’t have to do her Real Life Job… She’s been accused of having a Dangerous Agenda because coming to ballet in her thirties as a beginner, who happens to be trans, she’ll ask some of the awkward questions, questions that divide the establishment. A brief trip through her life and an exploration of the dangerous agenda…

Nicola Jayne is a trans woman who discovered ballet in her late 30s; she also finally clicked all those puzzle pieces together about her gender identity at a similar time. Both of these facts have entwined and intermeshed with recovery from mental health difficulties which were exacerbated by her gender issues. Nicola was part of the Gender Moves thread of the Performing Gender project’s Leeds events in 2018. 


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