Called to the Barre

Tradition says that barre exercises in ballet class start with the left hand on the barre.  However some classes you find that where free standing barres are used or even just fixed barres down two sides of the studio there is a habit of everyone facing the same way so half of people do the left hand on the barre version of the exercise and half the people do the right hand on the barre version of the exercise... and if I end up as right hand on the barre first it throws me completely it just feels so wrong... What makes it even odder is that I'm someone who started dancing as an adult so it's not like I have 30 + years of programming into ' exercises all ways start with left hand on the barre'.

This seems very odd to me as I can usually manage to grasp the left and right handed versions of centre work reasonably well and I have no problems with the 'other side' version of the barre work  and have  started to relish the opportunity to 'go straight round to the other side' in class...  It seems strangely irrational that starting 'wrong hand' can put me off my stride so much.


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