Not that meme again ...

We've all seen the meme,  the  Advanced dancer(s) en pointe or in a pas de deux pose and the crowd of little (infant school age) dancers peering round the  edge of the door frame entranced...

like this

Often with captions phrased in a way  which implies  ballet is just for girls/ women (doubly so if the focus of  picture is  just of  an older teen or  young  women en pointe) ...

so when exactly does one  become a 'big girl'  when it comes to ballet ?

When you turn 18 ?  - but what does this mean for the adult beginner - are you automatically one of the 'big girls' / 'big boys' ?
When you get your pointes ?
When you  can do pointe work in the centre? or when you can pirouette en pointe?
When you are working on a grade which allows long skirts for centre work ?
When you land that double pirouette ? or do a nice looking and properly  finished tour en l'air?


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