why do I do this ?

I get told by people I don't have to put myself in the firing line on various topics, whether that's  trans people having the right to live  their lives  with the same rights and protections  as  anyone else, whether that's fighting for other marginalised  groups of people ,  or whether that is simply for  raising awareness  of  the baseless rituals   that  damage   various workplaces or  recreational activities.

But those who have known me for a long time will know I've never been able to not try my best to advocate for those in a weaker position or those who  are  unreasonable restricted by  the prejudices of others.

 in the last  two  days  i've been  attacked by  self appointed  heroes of  trans activism  for the crimes  of

1. asking  if someone had actually  ever taken a ballet class when they  laid into the film Girl

2.  pointing out to a  known to be  extremely aggressive and antagonistic cyclist  that  her data is incomplete and that  as philosopher perhaps she should be seeking  clinical  correlation and  confirmation from clinicians  before making   unequivocable  Medical Statements of  Fact.

To quote a good friend of mine "If I were 5'6" and 10 stone with a decent hairline i'd just disappear into the ether" ... but i'm not

and I am not going to stand being labelled as a bootlicker  by  self appointed  leaders of the trans community because i  refuse to join in their pile-ons ...  


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