Never the less, she persisted !

Over the last few weeks, I've noticed something... I don't know if it my hair (i.e. length and quantity) or my weight loss or if it is actually the impact of hormonal therapy... but I can't see 'that boy' any more, even with my hairline as it is and with  my unzapped facial hair.

One evening this week  I was stood in my hallway at home, I took off the head band I've been wearing quite a bit  and took my ponytail out .... I shook my  head to let my hair sit naturally ...

I burst into tears ...  because it reminded me of the first few seconds of a video featuring a (professional ballerina) ballet acquaintance of mine...  I'm loathed to  post the link but that might just be Imposter Syndrome again - comment  and nag me if you think I'm not being too arrogant to make that comparison. 

A postscript (added 1st june 2019)


  1. I was talking to a friend of mine about this and she said ' i can understand what you mean about the hair thing ' ... and said i ought to post the link to the video

  2. My friend persuaded me to do this , 'after all Nicola you aren;t saying you dance like her' ... just that the first few seconds struck home


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