who is Nicola Jayne ?

In Hello World I talked a bit about who I am and why this blog exists, so 4 months and 8000 plus page views later , and with some channels opening up  new audiences for the blog such as my public facing facebook page Nicola Jayne - Dancer and  an increasing set of links and  communications with various other  dance  bloggers and the like such as my  ballet buddy  Alicia  who is the  person behind  both Mama does Ballet and Dance Niche. I thought i'd write a bit more about myself...

As I told you all in January when I started the blog , I'm Nicola , I'm 41 and I'm a transgender woman, that's the boring bits out of the way.

Why does this blog exist ?  there's a few reasons

1. Somewhere I can curate and control the content,  

2. Somewhere I can write reflective stuff about life,
3. Somewhere to answer the questions that people have about being trans,
4. Somewhere to answer the questions that people have about being an adult that takes ballet class
5. Somewhere to boost the profile of  various people and organisations I am involved with whether that is as a happy  customer of  their products and  services or things I am involved with as a performer or as part of the team organising it

Speaking of organising things, I've found myself on the interim committee  charged with taking Powerhouse Ballet along the pathway to incorporation as a Charitable organisation. 


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