A political post

I've been trying to write a post aobut the political side of being trans  and it's a struggle to write this in a coherent  and none rambly way

But today i'm fuming ...

Today two dear friends of mine went to do what should be an exciting thing - give official notice of their impending marriage ... 

Instead it ended up  with one of them  being interogated , demeaned and  misgendered, because one partner is a trans woman  who  does not (yet) have a GRC...  but she does have a correct Passport

The Government list of documents required  to make an application for a marriage licence  is shown here.

Passport  OR  Birth Certificate  OR  EU Identity card ( as  those EU states who issue ID cards  tend to format them as per the back page of a passport and AIUI  they can be used as such within the EU  if not further afield )


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