stretched strings

In 'Broken Dolly' I wrote about my experience of the first phone launch since being on GnRH analogues, this week, if you even vaguely follow tech stuff , you'll have noticed the launch of the various flavours of iPhone 11 from Apple,  and of course this has just as much if not more of an impact on work as the other other big phone launches across the year (The 3 real biggies in our calendar are the Samsung S  series Phone, the I phone and what whatever black Friday / pre-Christmas shenanigans they have planned).

I don't write a lot about work on the blog, because to be honest it's pretty mundane for me, wrangling  stock and inventory whether virtually or actually to help keep the online, B2B and retail stock levels where they should be for a well known High St (and retail park) name ...  but it's also a reminder   that what is now my mundane is a wow ! moment for others ...  when i'm hands on with stock  20 or 30 pallets with  350 - 700  phones on each one  are routine.

But back to the actual purpose of this post.

Yes it still hurts and yes I get  fatigued  easier than I did pre-transition, the weight i've lost  does help ...


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