The risk with any new project that you hold dear, is that you hold it so tight it  cannot breathe and thus it falters and suffocates.

However if people have warned of this and you choose not listen, the accountability is yours and yours alone.  it doesn't matter how often you beg or  plead once the damage is apparent

If people walk away because of your damaging attitude that is not a reason to  squeeze the baby tighter... 

It's no good screaming and holding the baby out at arm's length when it's be  crushed for days or weeks - it's too late then the damage has been done. The smashed plate will be never as it was before you dropped it...

If you see me hold things too tight remind me of this, gently hold me close but pry my fingers open... 

I had hoped the project that someone held dear had not reached that point,  but the ABCs in the case of  this particular thing are looking more like Aw shit, Bag'em, Call the the florist, than Airway, Breathing and Circulation.

If something is a shared enterprise  then  sharing it  with all  those involved in what is important, engaging and  reassuring...  It  takes a  village to  raise a child, It takes engagement from all to make a project  become something viable  -  if something is voluntary you can't rely on money to keep it going  and in some cases throwing more money around just drives people away.



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