Hugh go there and Hugh go there ...

No this is not a Cities:Skylines Post (as those who have seen Biffa's videos might suspect from the title).

Hugh in this case
 being Hugh Everett III a (US) American Physicist - one of  his theories was related to parallel Universes and that is  really what this post is about. 

There are all sorts of  different theories about parallel universes, but one common theme is that across the various parallel universes an infinite number of of them exist and in some models they fork off at every possible decision and represent.  No doubt some commentators would try and introduce the Butterfly effect here, although i'm not sure of it's applicability to this. 

Get to the point Nicola, I hear you cry... 

Regret is a hot topic in the discourse around trans identities usually couched in cisgender people claiming there is an epidemic of detransitions and  regret , despite all the reputable data putting de-transition at somewhere between 0.3 and %  depending on data sets and definition, Funnily enough these people are  never willing to put a figure on the acceptable number of  excess deaths  that occur  to ensure that people who are mentally  capable and fully informed of the risks and benefits  don't  make the mistake of trying of trying medical transition and discovering that  they aren't as  trans as they  thought they  were  (  as a note my 'quick' by current NHS standards wait  for treatment stands as 32 months  

Yet if you talk to trans people the regret most often expressed is either not acting on the need to transition sooner and/or not recognising what the brain and body were saying about the need to transition...

so back to the Parallel universes ... 

 there's 2 (or 3) parallel universes I really want to see 

1. Where the Institut Sexualwissenschaft wasn't destroyed 

2. where I had realised my identity younger 

3.  in a world where 1 +2 happened. 


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