Kiss and Make Up !

I wear makeup  most  days, but that is at present more about controlling my  dysphoria... I haven't yet had  permanent  hair  removal / reduction on my beard area , so i have 'beard shadow' ...

On a typical  'work' or  just  general happening about the place or going to class  day , I don't wear that much  - concealer  on my  beard area , something on my brows  and a bit of lipstick ...

concealer / foundation to cover up  the beard shadow - i use two shades of concealer one  too light for my skin tone and one too orange , the light one is to highlight  and the too orange one is to colour  correct the beard shadow ...  roll on getting laser / electro and  the necessity   of  doing this

brows -  pencilled in because my  natural brows  are very pale  so  when trimmed short  and shaped they almost disappear

lipstick - this is the vanity thing ...   I've  become 'known' for my lip colour and I also find it helps with feminising my overall look to have  the high contrast and well shaped lip line i get with my  typical  choice of shade ... 


  1. Irony of course there is rather than my typical lipstick shade i put a lighter shade on today, did a selfie and put it on social media and get loads of likes for it


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