Big siblings and Little siblings

I have a sibling  by blood,  they are a police officer , formerly in a  decent  sized British city, now in one of the market towns in the same county ...   i'm being vague because as far as I am aware they are  the only officer in their  force with our  surname, so mentioning their gender and/or force would make them a target for TERF harassment  should someone decide to Doxx me.

But this post is not about them, or the way in which they have supported the person they now know to be their big sister over the last few years.

This post is about solidarity and support within a community, whether that's the dance community or the trans community  (or it's intersection )- or needless to say any other communities that intersect...

Whether someone is your big sibling or your little sibling can be  contextual...  a certain  trans ballerina friend of mine, should be my 'big  sister' in both dance and transition terms, as she's been dancing longer than I have, and had got her  Gender Dysphoria Diagnosis before me and had started medical transition and social transition before me, but sometimes  the tables turn because of my  background and because of relatively lesser boundaries and obstructions  meaning it seems like I'm catching her up  sometimes or with some of the clinical stuff or politics of  clinical stuff, because of my background I've jumped well ahead in understanding  from where i might be assumed to be.

Another 'big sister' has become much more than a Big Sister to me - she has become my confidante and 'partner in crime' outside ballet - that person is Louise...

Now i'm going to mess with your head

"Sometimes the best big brother is a big sister" - a commentary on the performance on gender - this was something I said you a lovely, young trans man  who is also a dancer - as a comment on how he has spent 20 ish years being taught and forced by society to perform femininity and I had the converse experience in the 35+ years before my realisation and transition. 


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