Abnormal service resumes shortly

The last  two posts seemed a bit down beat... but I was having a 'not good' day and needed to let those words out.

Sometimes you need to let words out even if they are uncomfortable to let out into the wide world.

The brutal reality is I am a bundle of messed up stuff and very little of that is because I'm trans but 
at the same time masses of it is because i'm trans... and   it's the same stuff that is both of these things.

So who copes with this messed up bundle of Stuff ?

well Louise for one, friend, confidante and so much more...

my Bosses, especially the  fabulous creature that is Monta - my actual line manager

sometimes it's my regular dance teachers or my 'fairy godmothers' (Hannah

sometimes it;s some ofthe fabulous people i dance with  week in, week out ...  they are both super humans and superhuman at times ...  


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