Being Me

I did not choose this.

Who in their right mind would?   - well that's a stupid statement given to get this far I've had to convince two psychiatrists and various other sundry Health professionals that I am in my right mind .

This weekend hit me hard, I don't know why...

So it was International Women's Day on the 8th March, and, yes despite all those positive, inclusive voices the attacks on trans women in the media increased.

Launch of the Samsung S20 series at work - I deliberately opted not to do excessive amounts of overtime even though it was on offer, i've talked aobut  my mistakes there previously here and here.     

but what blindsided me was  a facebook memory - pointing out it  was 2 years since I got my 'diagnosis'.

I did not choose this.

I would not wish this on my worse enemy, because I know how many people this has broken irretreviably

but it is what it is.


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