The new (ab)normal

Today started in a not good way. 

This morning I cried for no apparent reason. 

But I needed to and I feel better because of it.

I also went out and walked my long walking/running circuit. as I really wasn't in the right mind frame to run and also i'd committed to an on line pointe class this evening  so didn't want to over tire myself. If you've read some of my recent posts you'll know I've been struggling a bit with lock down both from a mental health point of view and with reduced physical exertion. 

Two of my three regular dance classes / studios haven't been able to offer regular classes  during lockdown for whatever reason - but fortunately I've been able to fill that gap thanks to the lovely Amelia at Headingley Ballet School and her pointe class on Wednesday evenings and open / general adult ballet class on Friday evenings ... 

something the lockdown  has  offered is the opportunity for people to take class with people who they  would  struggle to take  class with regularly, whether it;s because of geography  in the case of  interactive classes ( I am aware of  dancers in Yorkshire taking  class with teachers they know from placement year in Australia ) or  because the teacher in question normally only  teaches pros... 

It is going to be interesting to see how many  teachers maintain some element of interactive remote teaching once  we  return to the studio  and how this might  integrate into live classes  in mixed mode ...  

today finished in a good way  - Thank you Amelia 



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