Confidence is a preference ...

So I cut down on my porklife got some exercise!  and I don't get intimidated by the dirty pigeons (TERFs and transphobes)  ...

there is a route straight through  transition but it  requires planning and  the straightest route is not cheap...  If I had  the  five figure sum for GCS  i'd be  a few weeks to months and  600 quid away from the green light, but despite the  NHS  struggling they point  blank refuse to accept even diagnoses of gender Dysphoria  from  T493  listed clinicians who work in other GICs  just because it's on a  piece of paper that doesn't say NHS on the top ... 

Social  transition - tick
Year on properly supervised hormones - tick  (even if they  then said a year of T suppression - that would be tick in December)
Supportive home circumstances - tick
In work or other meaningful activity -tick

various people talk about how they  get harassed in public , often in the same spaces use and some of these people are far more  close up visually passable than I am (Nicola curses her hairline again) yet i don't seem to get  that -  Louise suggested  it is because i have presence  and  give off  at least the illusion of confidence  when I go into a space,  also that i seem to have  got the whole 'being unapolgetically trans'  thing down

sometimes it's just about 'owning it'  -  and the confidence  to do that  has come from  people i now count as friends  - even  if some of them admit they struggle with it  themselves. 


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