Medical Transition - an update

 This last weekend saw my second review with my current (private) Endocrinologist, in Small or Not so Small victories I talk briefly about my weight  which has been one of the larger issues for me in my transition thus far.

my  diagnosis and  medical transition  journey  thus far has, in overall terms  been  relatively smooth,  especially compared to some of the tales of woe out there from people who quite simply did not do their research - yet for some  people those of us who provide  practical, evidence based and pragmatic  advice are to be written off a 'truscum' and 'transmed' even if we acknowledge value the full range of narratives and  have a full and proper understanding of what Dysphoria actually is.

I wrote about Hormones earlier in the year, i've been on fairly stable dose of hormones  since them and achieved a decent blood level  and consequent  feminisation  (a bra is needed to keep the pink nosed puppies under control unless  the top i am wearing suitable supportive...)

As my estrodiol valerate dose is towards the upper end of  normal  doses  for oral meds, I was offered the option of  changing to transdermal, however given my liver function continues to be absolutely fine I elected to remain on oral  meds for convenience against patches or gels.

I'm really now in  a holding pattern  for the NHS to catch up  and  then  start the ball rolling on my  GCS referrals  as  i'm not in a position to be able to afford it privately.   


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