You have nothing to fear except fear itself.

A common  theme in writing and speaking from trans people (regardless of their actual gender or age) is fear. This fear comes from the way in which the media and/or Received Wisdom (i.e. the repressed white middle who benefit  most from the colonial patriarchy) paints trans people as deviants, mentally ill or   criminals.

The reality is that in the vastest majority of things this fear is unsubstantiated and unjustified, but still it preys on us.

In 18 months of  complete  social transition and in a further 2 + years of experimentation with presentation and identification before that, my  genuine experience of  Real Life transphobia  has been pretty minimal (vs the   keyboard warriors of  anti-social media TERFery)  and  real life harassment ?  much the same as  any  woman would face  sometimes with a side order of the assumption that all  trans women are Sex workers and/or  willing to  shag  any thing with a cock and pulse- sorry boys  it's very  special guy  who  gets me going vs girls -  and generally it's ballet / contemporary dance guys who do it for me... )

so what have i done ?

I've driven plenty of places in England

I've taken the train various places

I've  taken the tube, tram and buses  various places

I've taken  ballet and contemporary dance classes in a number of places  and used the changing rooms 

I've walked down the street  hand in hand with Louise

I've walked down the street in a gaggle of trans folx

I've marched at Pride in a tutu ! 


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