2 years of waiting for the system to catch up

A little over 2 years ago  (by a few days) I had my first diagnostic appointment with a Gender clinician - post about that here.

So what has happened in those 2 years ?

In the eyes of the NHS Gender Identity Services, officially ? i finally got my diagnosis... However If I had not been able to afford to see an Endocrinologist privately and have a GP practice who is willing to work with my private clinicians I might not be on hormones or only be on a minimal dose...

you'll hear some people complaining that going private means you 'jump the queue'   with the NHS  - you don;t you have to go through the same assessments, all  going private will do interms ofthe NHS pathway is miss out one ' how are you getting on appointment' as i've all ready got a tick in the box for 'more than 12 months  of properly supervised hormone tratment' that WPATH requires  before a referral for  gender confirming surgical interventions ...


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