Meet me at the Crossroads

This post is tied in to the belated TDoV post

I work for the same employer as Sarah who writes the blog and we've been working together on a project with the Diversity and Inclusion team and some of other Trans people in the business.

Sarah's most recent post is called Crossroads, she describes it as a rant, which also fits with a couple of my recent posts (
here, here ), just before we all realised just how serious Covid-19 was going to be in the UK...

The waits are a reality for anyone trans in the UK at this time, where even if you can afford to seek private care there is still a wait of several months, where as the NHS GIC wait is at least 2 years now to initial assessment  which doesn;t  actually start any treatments at this time (see Assessments pt.5).

The mirror is always a potentially thorny moment for a trans are the interminable waits between appointments with  the GIC

One thing Sarah writes about what is 'full time'...  and when to time the announcement and decision to go 'full time'. My own decision on social transition in terms of  'full time' was driven by a desire to get it done, even it if did mean wearing a wig to start with, due to not having  given it long to grow my hair out...

Presentation is thorny, I work in a logistics and supply chain role and my role is based inside the warehouse where there is a lot of powered  Manual Handling equipment such as Forklifts and the various  types of powered pallet  truck so it's long trousers, safety footwear and high visibility vest / jacket for work ...  This doesn't give much room for obviously femme presentation  especially as   hair needs to be under control  and not in your face (we don't have guidance or stipulation on hair styles but there's a  lot of ponytails, buns or hair down with an alice band action...) I've also got a bit of a name for myself over my choice  of lip colour usually Rimmel's Stay matte in either 810 Plum this Show or 860 Urban Affair for everyday wear 

Sarah  talks about frustration, there are enough posts on this blog talking about frustration and the way in which the system is slowed that I don't need to re-hash it in this post. 


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