Three Anniversaries in fact

1. This blog,

2. 'Going Full Time' ,

3. The ending of the Ban of LGBTQ+ personnel in Her Majesty's Armed Forces,

1. This Blog

The first posts on this blog were posted on the 6th Jan 2019.

so what's happened since then ?

- Over a year of effective Testosterone suppression ( first Decapeptyl injection was December 2018  - prescribed by my NHS GP on the  recommendation of my  Private Endocrinologist ( whose day  job is with a GIC)

- Second  NHS  diagnostic appointment  in November and official NHS diagnosis ...  26 months  referral to diagnosis, which is about the quickest i'm aware of and something that is not likely to be achieved by someone referred to Sheffield GIC now

NB:  Diagnosis not treatment if i hadn't been able to afford private Assessment  and my NHS GP  wasn;t  willing to work with  Private Consultants I'd still be awaiting  hormones at this point...  Some people  claim  private treatment means  people 'jump the queue' in the NHS  service  , the only 'queue jumping' I might possibly get to do is that I will be able to count time on hormones from when i saw the Endocrinologist privately  - I've still had to have 2 NHS  diagnostic appointments, I'll have to have the NHS appointment to take over the hormonal regime  and then  after that we might be able to get down to the  referrals for Gender Confirming Surgery

-Dance wise, I've performed, 'Capitalised the I'  and got an actual real professional quality Tutu.

2. Going Full time  - I took the various steps that  are classed  as 'Social Transition' in January 2018 posts :  Here, Here, Here, Here

3.  The end of the ban on LGBTQ+ personnel in  HM armed Forces

In 2000 when the ban was lifted, I was still ignorant of the fact that  what i felt  and experienced was Gender Dysphoria, however i was serving reservist 


  1. Here's to making many more anniversaries.
    They are a great way to see how far you have come rather than how far to go. (and yes I know I keep saying that phrase!)


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