busy , busy ...

Not a huge amount of new content at the moment, but that's because I've been a busy lady... despite 'peak' being over at work.

Dance wise  - January has featured  30 + hours in the studio (including 2 full days of TBR  and 6 hours of PHB class and rep.

Work wise - Peak might be over , but that also means   a lot of   consolidation and  prep work at work for our next big push  ( the new Samsung Galaxy S series phones coming soon ( and maybe a folding one as well ) - 'UNPACKED' on 11th Feb ) as well as   dealing with  stuff we put on the back burner over  the autumn  ( because Apple launch, then black Friday, then Christmas)...

Plus Union stuff, some workplace D+I  stuff coming up  and  the opportunities for cross training with other departments/ teams in the business - and sign offs  for  other pieces of kit on the site.

There's also other stuff in the  pipeline...  more volunteering, using up my  annual leave before the end of the leave year (yay time hit that there London for more classes and the like - as I did last summer 1,2,3)  ... 

Then there's consumption of dance to be had - all stuff  featuring people i count as friends

Chantry Gala  (which is now Sold out)

Stratford Circus LGBT  history Month Take over



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